How to Size a Football Helmet

Hi. I'm Doug with and I'm here with Zach, who's about to start his first year of tackle football and we're going to show you how to properly size a youth football helmet.

What you want to use is either a flexible tape measure like this, or you can use a string if you have one of those laying around, and you're going to measure the circumference of the player's head. You're going to start your tape measure about an inch above the player's eyebrow, because that's where the helmet is going to rest when you're wearing it. And you want to wrap it around the widest part of the player's head.

It looks like we've got 20 1/2 inches for Zach. Once you have your player's head measurement you can go to the football helmets page and click the View Size Chart link. It looks like Zach's right between a small and medium so what we want to do is go with the medium and we can adjust the size with the airliner.

Once your helmet arrives you want to fit it on your player to make sure it's comfortable and has a good fit. Let the helmet rest about an inch above the eyebrow there. And since this is an air helmet, I'm going to take the shut ball pump and we're going to inflate the helmet to make it have a proper hit. It takes about one to three pumps for the lateral liners. Zach, let me know when you feel it's good. That's good. And we're also going to inflate the crown liner and that will help raise the helmet off the child's head a little bit. Once you have your helmet adjusted then you want to buckle your chin strap and adjust that to get the right fit. How's that feel Zach? Shake your head. It looks good.