Sports Unlimited Tackling Ring vs. Fisher Tackle Wheel

Football coaches at every level are always looking for the latest training equipment that will improve their teamÆs performance. If you can also make the game safer, thatÆs even better. One piece of gear that has become a staple in most teams practice regimen is the tackling ring. Much like the sport of football itself, the tackle ring has its origins in rugby. With many teams now embracing a safer wrapping technique of tackling, and the tackle rings provided the perfect piece of equipment for practice and repetitions. With versatility to be used for a range of drills, the tackle wheels have become the hottest article of training equipment in football.

Once you understand the value and importance of a tackle ring, youÆll need to decide which brand to purchase. A variety of football manufactures make a version of the wheel, But Fisher and Sports Unlimited both offer a durable option in a range of sizes. Sports Unlimited has three ring sizes, 36ö, 40ö, and 48ö, which allows you to choose the right dimension for the age of players using it. Fisher also has three different sizes, 28ö, 36ö, and 42ö, with the smaller of the wheels making a great choice for younger players.

The Sports Unlimited wheels are 9ö thick, while the Fishers are only slightly smaller at 8ö. Both use a dense foam wrapped in a durable vinyl cover. Comparatively, the Sports Unlimited tackling rings are lighter than their Fisher counterparts, with the SU 36ö ring weighing 31 Lbs and the Fisher 36ö weighing 45 lbs. The Sports Unlimited rings also feature two elastic straps that allow you to insert a ball, adding fumble drills to its usage.

Both brands offer a quality product that will allow your team develop their skills in a safe environment. Players are now able to tackle these rings instead of a ball carrier, limiting the chance of injury. Get your team the equipment it needs to improve and add a tackling ring to your practice routine.