While the A2000 may be the more notorious of the two, there is no disputing that the A2K is the premier glove offered by Wilson. Selected by MLB professionals for its unprecedented materials and construction, the A2K is one of the finest gloves ever made. What separates this particular glove from the others offered by Wilson, would be two specific features.

Firstly, the Pro Stock Select Leather used is the top of the line leather available for glove construction. Wilson takes the top 5% of hides, puts them through a rigorous triple sorting process to ensure ideal thickness and flawlessness. Once itís been identified as meeting these meticulous standards, it is then in the hands of the master craftsman in Wilsonís factory. They give the A2K special attention, spending 3 times the amount of time pounding and shaping the glove to assist in the break in process. Finally, the A2K gloves also come with Wilsonís patented Double Palm Construction. This additional layer of leather allows the glove to maintain its shape as it breaks in. When you put on a Wilson A2K, you know youíve got the best. Itís no wonder stars like Dustin Pedroia, David Wright, and Brandon "Dat Dude" Phillips turn to the A2K as they prepare to compete on the worldís biggest stage.