Ankle / Wrist Weights Buyers Guide

Buying Ankle and Wrist Weights

In our fast paced world, we all know it can be tough to find time to eat dinner or see friends, let alone get to the gym. But I don't think there's a busy person out there who doesn't wish they were more active, or in better shape. So what do you do? Eat salads while doing crunches in your office between meetings? Forget the van, carry the kids, and run to soccer practice? Probably not...but maybe. Hopefully it hasn't gotten that bad yet. But if you're even considering it, let me suggest this; try ankle and wrist weights!

Ankle weights and wrist weights are the stealth ninjas of the fitness world! They easily attach to your limbs, and most of them can even be worn under your work or casual clothes, adding extra resistance to your everyday activities. Strap them on before you head out, and turn "walking around the grocery store" or "heading to work" into legitimate workouts, burning up to 15% more calories every ten minutes, without giving away your secret or resorting to desperate measures.

But which weights are right for you, your fitness level, your lifestyle, and your budget? Well read on and let us answer all of your questions right here, right now, so you can get moving...with a little welcomed resistance.

I want to stay healthy, but who can afford home gym equipment, and who has time to use a membership?

There are plenty of other ways to burn calories, build muscle, and stay fit, without having to buy every exercise machine on TV, or join every gym in town. Ankle weights are affordable, portable pieces of exercise equipment that go anywhere and turn any activity into a workout!

Made with comfortable, moisture-wicking, durable materials that fit comfortably against the skin, ankle weights attach and adjust easily with Velcro straps. Most let you change the amount of weight, letting you build up your resistance over time, and varying the type of exercises you can perform with them. Versatile, mobile, and budget-friendly, you really get a great bang for your fitness buck with ankle weights.

What type of exercises can I perform with ankle weights?

Ankle weights are some of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on the planet. They're small, and most have a low profile, so you can wear them wherever. But to get the most out of your ankle weights, try adding them to movements and exercises you already perform, to increase resistance and burn more calories.

For instance, you can wear them:

  • Around the house, doing chores
  • Under clothing around town or at work
  • On your morning runs
  • While performing regular workout routines

With varying levels of added resistance, you can see some serious results just from adding these little guys to your everyday activities! But keep in mind, the best way to exercise with ankle weights is to move in slow and controlled motions.

What benefits can I expect from using ankle weights?

Using ankle weights regularly in your every day activities, and adding them to your workouts, can have dramatic effects on a variety of fitness areas.

First of all, you're going to see an improvement in strength and muscle growth, because of the added resistance.

Ankle weights also help to increase flexibility and range of motion when added to a regular workout or yoga session.

Adding weight to your ankles forces you to balance, engaging your core in new ways and making it work harder. For instance, when performing scissor kicks, added weight at the ankles forces your lower abs to engage and work to keep you balanced and perform the motion.

What can wrist weights offer me?

Wrist weights are great for building arm muscles, and working biceps and triceps. They can be used as an affordable substitute for dumbbells, and can be added to a regular lifting schedule to add some extra resistance to your regiment. Wrist weights are also perfect for cross-training, adding strength training into your daily cardio routine.

Wrist weights are similar to ankle weights, in that they attach to you easily with Velcro and add weight and resistance to normal motions. They are also just as portable and budget-friendly as ankle weights.