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Cornilleau 510m vs 500m Ping Pong Tables

Resin Laminate Top with Steel Legs
Resin Laminate Top with Aluzinc Frame
9'L x 5'W
9'L x 5'W

Cornilleau Outdoor Ping Pong Tables - Which one is right for you?

You're most likely familiar with typical backyard games for the summer like cornhole, horseshoes, or volleyball. But did you know that you can play ping pong, often thought of as an indoor game, right in your backyard or patio? With advances in table technology over the past few decades, the outdoor ping pong table selection is better than ever. Cornilleau, getting their start in the table tennis business nearly 50 years ago, is one of the top manufacturer's for outdoor tables. Let's compare two of Cornilleau's recreational tables, and we'll go over each component for both tables.

Table Top:

Both tables feature a 7 mm thick top, with a matte top coating to reduce reflection from the sun. You won't lose focus on the ball with this specially formulated finish from Cornilleau. The resin laminate top provides an incredibly durable playing surface, while also providing protection from bad weather. Both the 500M and 510M are available in a sleek blue or gray finish, so you can select the color you like best!


Each table has a 60 mm frame, adding even more durability to the table. Cornilleau's Aluzinc ultra frame features anti-corrosion materials for protection from the elements. Corner protection pads are added as a safety measure. This thick frame, combined with a multi-layer top, provides an awesome playing experience, with a true bounce on every shot. Tables from other brands can have "dead" spots where the ball doesn't bounce as true, but you won't find that on either of these two tables.


This is one of the components where the tables differ. The 500M has arched legs with reinforced steel inserts for increased strength and rigidity. Because not all surfaces are alike outdoors, the leg height can be adjusted on the 500M to ensure a level playing surface. The 510M on the other hand has a heavy duty steel base and steel legs that can be screwed to the ground for permanent installation. This feature makes the 510M a popular model among camps, resorts, and hotels, a way to prevent theft.


The 500M has a dual net system, meaning you can always adjust to the perfect height and tension. It also retracts when you close the table, making storage simple and safe. The 510M on the other hand has a fixed steel net, with anticorrosion treatment for weather protection. This is great for long term durability, and heavy use out of camps and schools.


With oversized double wheels, the 500M is very easy to maneuver from storage to setup. Wheel brakes provide stability and safety when the table is in playing position and storage. Since the 510M is a stationary table that is designed for permanent installation, it is not equipped with wheels.

Unique Features:

Both models have ball dispensers on both ends, so a ball is always accessible for each player. Each side of the table also has racket storage, so you won't misplace your rackets when the table's not in use. The 500M features Cornilleau's DSI system, with a central release handle to open and close the table with ease. It has 16 locking points to ensure the table is locked in both playing and storage positions. A safety feature that is among the best on the market!

You really can't go wrong with either one of these Cornilleau ping pong tables. If storage and portability are important to you, then the 500M is your best bet. It's the perfect table to entertain family and friends all summer long, and is attractive because of the safety features and generous 10 year warranty. For schools, camps, and resorts, the 510M is the way to go. The extremely tough steel base and legs provide a sturdy foundation, while the thick frame and top are designed to protect from both weather and aggressive play. With U.S. warehouses located on both coasts, these tables ship quickly and safely to our customers. Get a new outdoor ping pong table today and enjoy some friendly competition in the backyard this summer!